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Bubot 300P Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Bubot 300P Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Industry Leading Suction Power

Take Total Control of Your Pool with Bluehole™!

Achieve unmatched suction and efficiency with Bluehole™ Technology — 2X improved overall performance, 3X improved for leaves, and 8.5X improved for 3mm-8mm debris.

Revolutionize the Way to Manage Waste

Experience ZERO Leakage with DrirLock™ Tech 2.0

Lift the robot from the water and watch it drain up to ALL stored water in just 5 seconds. The DirtLock™ Tech 2.0 ensures all debris, leaves, and fine sands are 100% securely contained!

Smart Sensor & Self-Parking & LED

Self-Parking Technology & LED Indicator

Equipped with an LED indicator for status display! Automatically docks when the battery is low, with the LED turning yellow and flashing yellow while docking.

Easy Maintenance

Say Goodbye to Tangled Cords and Messy Hoses!

It’s designed for hassle-free pool cleaning, ensuring thorough cleaning for above-ground pools up to 850 sq. ft. With easy filter access, you can rinse both the filter and chassis effortlessly!

Upgraded Maximum Capacity

Leave Your Pool Sparkling Clean for Longer!

No more mid-cycle interruptions with our solid bottom shell design, offering 30% more storage space for debris than other products.

Hydrodynamic Design

Redefine Underwater Navigation

Bubot 300P's meticulously engineered shape optimizes water flow and minimizes water resistance, guaranteeing a remarkable 97% floor coverage in one full operation cycle!


What is Bluehole Technology?

Our enhanced Bluehole suction technology ensures seamless coordination among the nozzle, motor, and impeller, resulting in a 2X increase in efficiency compared to its previous iteration.

When lifting the pool cleaner out of the water, does any debris return to the pool?

When lifted, our DirtLock Tech 2.0 retains almost all of dirt, leaves, and fine sand inside, ensuring quick and hassle-free cleaning.

In which types of pools does the device perform best?

Ideal for above-ground pools with flat floors and no slopes, up to 850 sq. ft. in size.

Why is the machine's indicator light always red when charging?

While charging: The machine's light is green, and the charger's light is red.

Fully charged: Both the machine's and the charger's lights are green.

If the machine's light is red: Turn off the machine before charging.

How do I remove it from the pool?

The package includes a floating handle and a hook. When the machine's battery is low, it will halt near a pool wall, allowing you to easily retrieve it by grabbing the floating handle or using the hook.