About us

BUBLUE is a pioneer and leader in high-end intelligent robots, blending cutting-edge technology and artistic aesthetics. As a luxury technology brand with a global vision, BUBLUE was established in Hangzhou, China. Its mission is to enhance consumers' quality of life through innovative, precise, and uniquely artistic high-end hardware and software technologies. BUBLUE aims to create a technology community starting with intelligent robots, sharing joy, and growing together with its users.


BUBLUE designs, develops, manufactures, and sells high-end intelligent pool cleaning robots, driving innovation in artificial intelligence, digital technology, underwater ultrasonic detection, and battery technology. BUBLUE stands out through continuous technological breakthroughs and a commitment to extreme innovation, exemplified by industry-leading wall-climbing cleaning technology, powerful brushless motors, and proprietary intelligent cleaning path algorithms.


Through the innovative development of pool cleaning robots and other products, BUBLUE serves forward-thinking visionaries, aiming to challenge conventional societal perceptions of technology. BUBLUE addresses not only the present but also takes the first step toward humanity's future.

  • 50

    acre factory and R & D base

  • 1,500


  • 60

    quality inspection personnels

  • 60

    R & D personnels

  • 3.5 million

    units annual product

  • New York

    BUBLUE North America Headquarters

  • Hangzhou

    BUBLUE China Headquarters, Manufacturing Center

  • Shenzhen

    BUBLUE's Global R&D Center, Operation Center