Human-Centric Fusion of Art and Technology for Future Inspiration

BUBLUE emerges as a pioneer and frontrunner in high-end intelligent robotics, embodying the essence of a tech-savvy enthusiast who seamlessly integrates innovative technology and artistic aesthetics.


Elevating Consumer Lifestyle with Innovative Precision and Artistic Excellence

BUBLUE strives to build a tech community starting with intelligent pool cleaning robots, sharing joy and growing together with users.


Cutting-Edge Tech Luxuries

BUBLUE designs, develops, manufactures, and sells high-end intelligent pool cleaning robots, driving innovation in next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital technology, underwater ultrasonic detection, and batteries.

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  • 911 Studios

    “ I love that it has self-parking and dirt-lock technology. It's a fantastic robot pool vacuum. ”

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  • Apache Ranch

    “ The price is really good. I would definitely recommend it. It's great at removing sand, bugs, and everything else from the bottom. ”

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  • Random Tech

    “ This swimming pool cleaner is perfect for the size of my pool. It's a great product for quick cleaning jobs. ”

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  • Everyday Man

    “ I'm impressed with it. It really is good value for the amount of work it does. ”

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